web design.


We help black-owned businesses build their online brand.

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What we can do for your business.


We put your business in front
of your target audience
  • Paid ads, Google Ads,
    Facebook ads etc
  • Create a tailor made
    audience of your target
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Web design.

Looking to update you website? We design and create modern interactive mobile friendly websites tailored to your needs
  • UI design
  • Low maintenance
  • Morden designs
  • Wifeframes & Prototyping
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We take your business and
shape the aesthetic’s so your
customers can find you
through all the clutter in the
  • UX design
  • Brand strategy
  • Logo design
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The Process.





You have been working hard building your business for a while. You have a steady base of clients but feel you are stagnating. You want to break through to the next level but are frustrated as you don’t know what to do to get there.
This is where we come in. We sit and listen to you so we can understand your situation. Then we create a plan tailored to you and guide you through it. This can comprise of a rebranding strategy, UX/UI design for a new website, or a detailed marketing strategy.
Our main aim is to make sure your business is in a better position after we have worked with you.



Featured projects.

Black Investor 360
Black Investor 360 - the UK's first black business conference and exhibition dedicated to finance and investments.

For this project, we updated the brand logo to be more impactful, while remaining recognisable to the established audience by keeping brand colours and certain design motifs intact. New branding across all Black Investor 360's social media platforms was delivered. We also designed and developed key media assets for the campaign as well as running the ads and funnels for audience creation and development in order to generate sales.
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Mr Beezy
Mr Beezy is a motivational speaker and was already doing great things in his space. He was creating regular content online and getting bookings with his current core clients (schools). However, he realised that to take himself to the next level he needed to expand his audience. He wanted to expand into the business and sports space. His problem was that he didn’t feel his current branding matched his new aspirations.
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Wayne Brown Music
Street Wear is a fictional clothing brand e-commerce website. It is based on the combination of some of our previous apparel clients. We developed the UX/UI design for the responsive web platform that allows shoppers to purchase the latest clothes and accessories.
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Heru: The first hero - Comic book
HERU Book One, "The First Hero", Is the debut comic book from Director and Film maker Jason Barrett. HERU tells the story of a former slave who receives Cosmic powers and sets about to liberate his people and change the world. Noir Squared was commissioned to create an e-commerce website for the sale of the both digital and physical copies of the book.
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FTC- YouTube channel
For The Culture is a YouTube show, covering news, reviews, entertainment and political issues in the black community in the UK! Hosted by Richard Blackwood and Jason Barrett.
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